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Ofi Imtihanul Wardia

The function of language in society is not only as a means of communication with
the arrangement of words, sentences, structure and figurative language, but also
including the term of concept in any norm in society, which created through the
agreement and conventional community. This study concerns with finding out
phatic expression in Sasak speech community and its underlyng factors. Data were
collected through audio recording, observation and interview. The study found the
pathic expressions used by society into various need and goals based on the target
which will be achieved in community. Meanwhile, the factors which underline the
use of Sasak Pathic expression may come up from internal and external factors. The
internal factors include equal willing and understanding in using language
phenomena, and the external factors deal the background of similar social culture
and habit to apply Pathic expression. Pathic expression is interactional language
which is used as a means of communication in daily life to all kinds of activities at
informal situation. The use of pathic expression may appear to all social class, such
as; children conversation, young and old people in the society.
Keywords: Phatic expression, Sasak, and speech community

Human being can not life individually
because they are social being. As social
being, they should life within a society under
specific rules and norms. They need good
interpersonal–interactions since without it.
Individuals are gradually isolated and they
are not be able to socialize. One of the
manner is conducting a social interaction
through a communicative interrelationship.
It means that people communicate with each
others using a language. The statement
describes the meaning of the importance
function of language and language use
necessary to be observed to get some
information about the position, function,
and the role of language society. As it is
stated by Sapir and Lee Whorf, in Yunus
(1981; 38) that: Ianguage not only instrument for
communications in life, but infact to define life of
itself. With Ianguage, we are not merely
comprehendingworld but also form world reality.
Kridalaksana (1988: 9) says that, Ianguage
used by society to explain culture and way think of
society no culture without Ianguage and [there] no
Ianguage without culture. Generally, the society
use many language. So, language phenomena
is an important topic in sociolinguistics
study, in which need to be investigated and
find out the group limitation in society
related to the role, which has any relevance
of the form in selecting language of communication. Every language community
has their own ways in using language for
social interaction, depending on the
agreement and society convention.
This study conclude on pathic
expression. All language have pathic
expression, but each language has different
ways and social situation .Those the
differences ways of language and social
situation language may be in context of
meaning, situation, or the way in expressing
pathic expression process. At the time of
speaking, there are two factors influencing
and determining the use of language as the
Mother Tongue or the First Language in
Lombok has four dialects, they are
menomene,ngeno-ngene, meriak-
meriku, ketok-ketek.
Furthermore, the researcher would like
to study pathic expression in dialect at
Kotaraja village in East Lombok in
thedialect of ngeno-ngeneis used for their
communication process usually use pathic
expression. The writer would like to analyze
the pathic expression used by the
community pertaining to the aspect of the
language, such as in what way it is used, for
what situation, condition, and social
context of those pathic expressions is used.
Because, about pathic expression not all of
language has the same function in using
pathic expression, it depends on culture,
costume, habitual, and agreement. So, the
writer explains all about Pathic with the
symbols according to experts.
Soeseno in Muhammad (1999: 22) states
that there are few things influencing the
interaction process: The famous theory with
acronym speaking. Letter “S” symbolizes
setting and scene, including the time,
condition, places, etc. The “P” represents
the word participants (speakers, listeners,
addresser, writers, readers, and audiences).
Then, the “E” the ends, indicating the goal
of discourse of text. The “A” represent act
sequences, points the form and massage
contents which will be sent in discourse of
text. The “K” means the word keys, that is
tone and expression in stressing of any
conversation. The “I” refers to instruments
which is used in communication, such as:
telephone, letter and others. The “N” refers
to norm of interaction and interpretation
and the “G” means genre, it refers to any
form of society use the language in the
process of interaction.
The components are characteristics of
language which is arbitrary (does not
bounded with any substances) should be
comprehended in communication process.
In comprehending the language, society
should mastery any specification of terms.
Culture and habit which are commonly seen
in bsociety. As it is explained by
Summaatmaja (1986: 13 – 14) that, practically
Ianguage in life of society not only as words network,
sentence formation, Ianguage style and structure, but
include; cover also expression, conceptassess and
setlement of norm which life in society of so it is
called societyIanguage. Practically, the function
of language in society is not only as a means
of communication with the arrangement of
words, structure, and figurative language, but
also including the term of concept in any
norm in society, which created through the
agreement and conventional community.
…… be continue…

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